Reached from the North, the town of Rhodes offers itself to the yearning eyes of the visitors who cannot resist the amazement produced by the medieval walls and watchtowers enclosing the churches, palaces, mansions and residences of the old quarter and the modern-day buildings forming the skyline of one of the most bustling, enticing cities in the Mediterranean.

Sailing into Mandraki, admittedly the most scenic of the three ports of the city, now a yacht mooring harbor, one cannot help returning the greeting of the two deer – one on either side of the port’s entrance - proudly gazing ahead; these two bronze effigies stand there in reminiscence of the beloved animals once in abundance on this island, so much that they came to be Rhode’s emblem. To the left, at the extremity of the jetty, there stands the lighthouse tower of St. Nicholas, followed by the emblematic three old windmills. The impressive walls of the Medieval Town and the numerous monumental buildings surrounding Mandraki add to its majestic air - among others the New Market, the Bishop’s Official Residence, the Church of the Annunciation, the Central Post Office, the Town Hall, Theater and Government House (all of which are buildings dating from the time of the Italian rule). At the north end of the town – actually the northernmost spot of the Island of Rhodes, there the Rhodes Aquarium, also hosting the Hellenic Institute of Marine Biology (Aquarium).

Today, Rhodes reveals itself as a delightful explosion of endless colours and sounds, an incredible variety of activities combining sightseeing and relaxation, learning and having a wonderful time. Rhodes’ marvelous beachfronts, sizeable modern buildings, picturesque quarters and imposing medieval edifices are most of the times set against a lavishly green setting.

In the City of Rhodes itself the streets are lined with trees. The green joyfully claims its space and rights everywhere, sprouting in such unexpected places as the fortification walls of the old quarter. As the sea breeze sighs through the palm tree leaves, one gets the delightful sensation of the exotic – still, this is real life, one one of the most popular islands of the Mediterranean!

source : rhodesguide.com
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